2 must-try things in Hanoi, Vietnam

Big question to any wanderlusts who are coming to a strange land is “What to eat there?” as the culture differences can be distinguished in the way locals enjoy their meals and others can’t get used to it. But when you drop a visit to a rich food paradise like Hanoi then choosing the best dish maybe should be taken into consideration. Pho (Noodles) to eat and Beer to drink, does it make sense to you? Let’s check out!

Pho (Noodles)

In Vietnam, eating Pho is considered the tradition when it is enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, in a restaurant, from high tables to street vendors, etc. But it is heard that Hanoians are the one to give birth of all types of Pho so it seems that eating Pho in the capital is something more special than other places.


Can you name these types of noodles?

Pho actually is made of pristine white rice flour noodles that are made daily and sold in markets; however, in my opinion, the thing making Pho so unique is its broth which is particularly boiled from pig or cow bones. The herbs and vegetables used to eat together are available and always fresh, adding to the food art as well.

Not only traditional Beef and Chicken Noodles, Hanoians have varied a wider range of Pho including Steamed Rice Crepe Rolls (Pho Cuon), Crispy Fried Noodles (Pho Chien Phong), Mix Noodles (Pho Tron), and so on.

Delicious beef noodles

Delicious beef noodles

Beer (Bia Hoi, Bia Rau)

Just ask your friends who have been to Vietnam, pretty sure they will recommend you to try the best and cheapest drinks on Earth! “Bia Hoi” is a draght beer, made with no preservatives and delivered in kegs to all bar in Hanoi. Called “bars” but sometimes they are just simple with plastic chairs, no counter, on the pavements full of beer lovers from all walks of life.

Drinking beer is somehow part of local citizens

Drinking beer is somehow part of local citizens

Although there are lots of beer breweries in Hanoi such as Carlsberg, Hanoi, Tiger, 333 but clearly Bia Hoi is the most popular drink because it cost about 7,000 VND for a cup of beer only.



Drop by Ta Hien Str., the noisiest street for foreigners to enjoy beer as well as other specialties of Hanoi here. And don’t be surprise when you are passing groups of men or young boys “yo…yo…yo” or “Bottoms up!!!” They are having so much fun after work then J

Notice: Hanoi is always attractive as the way it appeals visitors, and if you fall in love with Hanoi food and drinks, just take a flight!!! The paper documents are so much easier that you can get Vietnam visa online and get it stamped at the arrival airport then welcome to this wonderful land of scrumptious dishes.

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