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Deal Review: Graco Baby Ear Thermometer by Graco

link to the deal:

FunMart‘s redemption centre is located at 38 Pitt Street in the Yau Ma Tei area.  To get there from the MTR, simply take exit A1 and walk a couple minutes against the direction of the MTR exit.  After crossing the intersection, you will find the commercial building located on your left.

entrace to funmart redemption centre

After heading up to the 23rd floor, you will find that the office space is quite claustrophobic.  Quickly head left from the elevators and you will find yourself at unit 2304: Funmart Headquarters.

funmart loyalty card

Inside the redemption centre there was 1 staff, 2 other customers, and tons of products from their website showcased on shelves with price tags for immediate purchase.  Even though there was 1 staff redemption was quick and painless.  The staff also gave me a loyalty rewards card, where you can earn $50 for every $1,000 you spend with them.  Not a great rewards program by any means, but certainly better than nothing.

The Graco thermometer in it's packaging

As for the product itself I was a little disappointed with the packaging.  It was quite underwhelming for a product which claims to have an original price tag of $298.  However upon opening the product and testing it out, my opinion has changed.  It is actually quite a well-made piece of equipment.  The thermometer is easy to use and has a full set of English and Spanish instructions.  What impressed me the most was that it comes with a lithium battery that guarantees at least 5,000 measurements from the get go.

Everything that comes with Graco 5 second thermometer

The thermometer allows you to take your baby’s temperature in mere seconds, and appears to be accurate upon repeat measurements.  The measuring piece (the part that goes into the ear) seems to be relatively safe; in the case of sudden jolts or movement I still don’t think my baby would be hurt.  The thermometer is actually branded and sold by GracoBaby, a baby products company based in USA.  The thermometer itself is manufactured in China.

Overall I would rate this group buying experience a 3.5 out of 5 stars.  FunMart is a dainty but effective group buying company.  They are one of the few daily deal sites that offer lots of baby products so kudos to them for that.  The redemption process was smooth and easy, unlike my experiences with “bigger” group buying sites such as GroupBuyer.  Given the right item and price, I would probably buy from FunMart again and put that loyalty card to good use!

Hong Kong Group Buying: Beauty or Bust?

You’ve always been taught that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. But, as more than 40 group-buying websites in Hong Kong alone are sprouting up, we are starting to see that this is not the case after all. And leading the deal pack is, clinching 62 percent of the market share. These websites feature a daily deal which is only vaiid if the minimum number of purchasers is met. A popular daily deal is the beauty deals – where a girl can score a $150 massage for just $50, for example.

So how does the Hong Kong Group Deals website benefit?

These websites attract merchants by offering them new customers and publicity at zero risk. Their company is showcased on a daily deal as a featured merchant in the Hong Kong area. On the other hand, customers get to indulge in great deals they would normally not be able to afford. Some of these websites claim to try out everything they feature to better understand the product or service and ensure it meets quality standards.

What exactly is group buying?

Not only is group buying becoming extremely popular in Hong Kong, but all over the world. In order to get a good deal on Hong Kong facials, for example, would get together and buy from that seller to receive a bigger discount. The seller benefits because they end up with a large group of customers at the same time, offsetting the discounts. In the end, group buying is essentially the same as buying in bulk.

Do these Hong Kong Beauty deals expire?

Typically, you have around 6 months to a year to redeem your deals for the beauty services. Most of these companies send out complimentary emails reminding you of your approaching expiration date.

Can you use the deal in separate visits?

If you do not redeem the full value of the beauty deal in one visit, the remaining value is lost. These deals are all for a one-use trip only.

In the end, Hong Kong Groupon and other group buy website deals can be up to 91% off the face value of the beauty service or product. This alone is reason enough to purchase the daily deal. Although, it is proven that more and more consumers are purchasing unnecessary products or services, just to avoid missing out on a phenomenal deal. Additionally, if you forget to use one of your many accumulated deals by the expiration date, you are the one at a loss, not the merchant. Plus, keep in mind that you are restricted from redeeming the deal over more than one visit. So, if that facial you have been lusting after costs more than the group buy deal amount, you end up shelling more out of your pocketbook.