DealStove – A Daily Deal Aggregation App for your Android

If there’s anywhere in the crowded daily deals market where one would argue there is room for growth, it would certainly be in the mobile space.  It was not long ago when we were all still busy playing Centipede on our clam-shell flip phones and walkie-talkie Blackberries.  Nowadays we cannot go a few minutes without checking Android notifications and Whatsapp messages on our smartphones.  So, what is the best way to clearly present daily deals and discounts to Android users on the go?  One app that does it right is DealStove’s daily deal aggregator.

New Deals Everyday

The first thing that DealStove does well is publishing timely and accurate info about the deals that come out every day.  On top of presenting the deals that are new every morning, the DealStove app further helps us find what we’re looking for by categorizing the offers into expandable drop-downs.  The New Deals section of the app makes for a great companion with that morning coffee, breakfast, or commute.  The app gives everyone a great a way to start the day, by being one of the first people to buy that great deal.  It’s also extremely useful for those popular deals that have a limited number of vouchers available.

DealStove New Deals Screen

DealStove New Deals Screen

The Public Has Voted – Top Deals

Probably the next most embarrassing thing to overpaying for something is to miss out on underpaying for it.  Well the DealStove app has you covered here as well.  With their Top Deals screen, we can easily see what the hottest deals are at the very moment, based on the number of people that have bought them.  You can be sure a discount at a popular merchant such as Tim Hortons or Starbucks will be at the top of this list.  By checking this list regularly, the avid shopper will be sure to own the moniker of being the best deal seeker among family & friends.

DealStove Top Deals Screen

DealStove Top Deals Screen

Clean & Easy Interface

No matter what screen you’re looking at, all the important information we need to make a smart buying decision is presented clearly on the interface.  The app also makes it easy for us to share a deal because if a deal is that good, we really ought to let others know about it.  The filtering by category, deal provider and free-text search functions are just the icing on the cake for an app that arms your mobile with the ability to go deal hunting wherever you are.

If you have an Android device handy, give this free app a try and see how it can help you save tons of dollars by getting into the daily deal frenzy.  The DealStove app is actually a descendant of the Deals Singapore app, and previously the Deals Hong Kong app, so be sure to give those a try if you are in those regions.

What do you think about the Deals Aggregation app?  Is there something that you think can be improved?  Feel free to post about it in the comments.

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