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Group Buy Quarterly Round-up: Daily Deal Boomers Keep on Coming Pt 1 of 3

While it seems the daily deal sites in North America, Europe, and even as close as Singapore are under-going a consolidation period, it appears that more and more homegrown group buying sites are popping up in Hong Kong.  Is this kind of growth sustainable?  The quick answer to that would be “no”, but we know that the HK marketplace is quite a unique and resilient one.  I mean where else in the world (save for Tokyo) would you find so many people squished into such a tight little place; while playing host to a critical mass who idealize Western culture but are always a step behind?

Perhaps Hong Kong might be late to the daily deal industry, but let’s take a look at each of the important players to try to determine if the region’s group buying upswing will continue.

Aladindin (Languages: Chinese Only)  – Aladindin is a medium sized group buying site and is run by Topgo Technology Limited.  The majority of their deals are focused on products such as clothing, swimsuit, and leggings deals.  On average, one out of four deals that they offer is a discount on local fashion and it is rare to see any of their deals sell for over $100 HKD.


BEECRAZY (Languages: English & Chinese) – In North America, even the big dogs in the industry such as Living Social take a back seat to global deals giant Groupon.  However in Hong Kong, BEECRAZY is truly neck-to-neck with the Groupon machine.  Started back in mid 2010, we’ve watched them grow from a small website offering 20 daily deals a day, to a behemoth offering over 1,000 live deals.  They’ve been successful because they are able to tap into all the local markets, especially by using corporate merchants.  Their big marketing boosts have come from their ability to source everything applicable to the general HK public, from Broadway movie cinema deals to Hot Pot discounts at the most sought after restaurants.  BEECRAZY expects to bring its business to China and Macau for the next stage of their expansion.


BuylaBuyla  (Languages: Chinese Only) – Opened in July 2012, BuylaBuyla is a small group buying website that offers a peculiar set of items to daily deal shoppers.  They usually have less than 10 live deals on hand, and what they offer can range from deals for Baby napkins to SD cards for your digital camera.


BUYnanaa (Languages: Chinese Only) – Buynanaa is a new daily deals site that has decided to jump into the foray.  Their differentiator is that they are offering many products with influences from nearby Asia such as Japan and Korea.  Much akin to BuylaBuyla and Aladindin, the price of the items that they sell are low, and rarely eclipse the $100 HKD mark.


Cantongogo (Languages: Chinese Only) – These guys are a super small group buying site and it is uncertain what their strategy is as they’re currently only offering 2 live deals.  However these 2 items are quite popular with the HK crowd in that one is for a moderately priced Coach handbag deal, and the other is for cheap ferry tickets to the nearby tourist destination of Zhuhai.  If they are able to source more deals like the ones that they have, they would actually have some staying power in the industry.  With Cantogogo, quality is not the problem, but quantity is what they need to work on.


Couppie (Languages: Chinese Only) – Couppie is one of the group buying sites in the upper echelon of HK when it comes to size.  On average Couppie boasts an average of 200+ daily deals and covers an ideal range of all categories from food & beverage deals all the way to travel destination discounts.  While the lack of an English platform hurts them, the main reason that holds back Couppie is the fact that their marketing efforts are questionable.  In my opinion it is hard to find Couppie being offered as a viable option for daily deals in areas where the Hong Kong group buying public are bound to look; and that is a real shame because with the right push, Couppie could be right up there with the best group buying websites in Hong Kong.

Join us next week as we profile more daily deal sites in Hong Kong – FunMart, FunShare, GoBuya, Groupbuyer, HoHoSale, and MamaIShop.

What are your experiences with the daily deal sites mentioned above?  Have you bought something from them and were happy?  unsatisfied?  Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments discussion!

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