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Review: German Pool halogen pot CKY-282 from BEECRAZY

Easy To Redeem (4/5)

The pot was very easy to redeem. All I had to do was buy the pot from BEECRAZY and pay an extra $60 for delivery. The day before delivery I received a notification, and a delivery-man rang my door bell the next day as promised. He made me initial some receipt and went on his merry way and there I was standing in the doorway, the proud owner of an extremely large cardboard box. The only negative is that this pot is very popular, so I actually ordered it back in July knowing it wouldn’t be delivered until August.

Quality of Good or Service (5/5)

While the box was a little dinged up, the pot inside was in tip-top shape. It’s protected with lots of styrofoam in the packaging, and was actually a little hard to pull the pot out of the box. The pot comes with lots of little extras such as a mini cookbook (supposedly worth $188hkd as printed on the cover although I don’t think anyone would actually pay for it), instructional DVD, pot extender to make the pot even bigger/taller, some metal grills and tongs. My friends told me that German Pool makes quality appliances, and I felt that the pot is sturdily built and will probably last for years.

Overall Bargain & Savings (5/5)

Total savings for this is pretty huge, as I’ve seen Halogen pots being sold for $1,000+ at department stores like JUSCO and SOGO. For $699hkd, not only are you getting a halogen pot but a pretty darn good one. I actually thought this was just a glorified microwave until I saw one in action at my friend’s house. It’s able to cook meat to a juicy flavour in very little time. The best part about it is that all the oil and gunk you normally get from grilling or pan-frying is contained within the pot, so it makes for a much easier clean-up; while the end result of the food is not much different.

Of course your interest in this appliance is mostly based on your cooking skill.. if you’re a masterchef you probably wouldn’t be looking at using a halogen pot. Most of my friends are just regular gals who like to cook, so I’ve recommended this pot to all of them. BEECRAZY still sells this but for an inflated price of $880hkd where they include a pair of poultry shears. It makes sense for the shears as one of the first things you’ll cook when you get this pot is Chicken (soooo juicy and soooo tender!), but that’s adding $180hkd for a pair of scissors! If you can read Chinese, Funshare has this deal at the price of $699hkd for just the pot itself at the time of writing.

Check out a video of the German Pool Halogen Pot unboxed: Cantonese version | English version