To Bee or Not to Bee: BeeCrazy vs. Groupon

Setting a new online record, BeeCrazy has become one of Hong Kong’s most popular online group buying brands in the city. Similar to Groupon and other Hong Kong deals websites, BeeCrazy offers consumers deals from 40 to 90 percent off. This website has sold over 40,000 coupons, which equals millions of dollars of savings for consumers. Each day, there are up to four new deals for coupon-crazed users to get excited over. Similar to Groupon and Hong Kong’s deal sites, BeeCrazy’s deals include restaurant merchants, spas, and local activities. Even better, BeeCrazy offers deals on health care check-ups, war games, and more practical, everyday useful deals.

groupon vs beecrazyBeeCrazy has helped merchants in Hong Kong reach numbers they have not seen in close to 100 years. Their clientele has greatly improved – and people are saving money in return. They claim BeeCrazy is the best marketing campaign they have had in the history of their business. BeeCrazy is a sister site of YiYi Hong Kong Limited, a mobile location based service which offers mobile coupon-ing to consumers. This site has also taken Hong Kong by storm and helped elevate the popularity of BeeCrazy. Businesses are incorporating BeeCrazy in their business plans and using it to market new products. With bargaining and coupon-ing becoming the latest worldwide trend, BeeCrazy and Groupon are just a few of the group deal websites to sweep Hong Kong, but may be the largest.

Groupon was the initiator of this latest deal craze, mixing the words “group” and “coupon” years ago and offering services and products at huge discounts. Internet portals are even sprouting up to combine these over 900 group buying websites. But they are still unable to gain the popularity that Groupon and BeeCrazy have accumulated. All in all, these sites are enabling residents of Hong Kong to experience their city and do things they would never be able to do prior to the discounts. These sites claim that nearly 80 percent of their consumers are female with over 50 percent of them being single. Some of these sites wisely offer deals to local nightclubs and for haircuts and hairstyles. The sites gain more popularity as these users “like” them on their Facebook pages and suggest the deals electronically to their friends.

2 thoughts on “To Bee or Not to Bee: BeeCrazy vs. Groupon

  1. Deal Daddy Post author

    Comment Posted by Ricky on September 22nd, 2011 and moved here on March 3rd, 2013

    “I e-mailed Groupon the day that it was announced Macao Dragon ferry shut down about a refund. One week later and still no response! Has anyone been able to get an official word from Groupon on this?”

  2. Deal Daddy Post author

    Comment Posted by Chung on September 1st, 2011 and moved here on March 3rd, 2013

    Beecrazy is doing a much much better job than Groupon in terms of offers, and ease of use regarding website. Groupon have much to improve.


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