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Groupon-%2498_for_Korean_4D_Eyelash_Extensions_with_Eye_Treatment_at_Sky_Beauty_%28worth_%24588%29._More_Options_Available for health-and-beauty,eye-treatment,local
Sky Beauty Hk Ltd
RM 402 Cameron Comm CTR 458-468 Hennessy Rd Causeway Bay Hong Kong
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$98 for Korean 4D Eyelash Extensions with Eye Treatment at Sky Beauty (worth $588). More Options Available
$98 for Korean 4D Eyelash Extensions with Eye Treatment at Sky Beauty (worth $588). More Options Available is expired
Expired 31/07/2017
Deal Highlights

The deal

  • 1 session for $98 (rrp. $588)
  • 3 sessions for $238 (rrp. $1,764)
  • 5 sessions for $338 (rrp. $2,940)

Each 90-min session includes

  • 60-min Korean 4D eyelash extension
  • 15-min radio frequency eye treatment
  • 15-min eyebrow mapping

Sky Beauty

Hosting a fleet of skilled beauticians, urbanites can flock to Sky Beauty’s humble domain along Hennessy Road in Causeway Bay to get their eyelashes extended, eyebrows redefined, and more for a red carpet-look.


  • Lash extensions help elongate stubby lashes while filling in gaps in lashline for fuller and thicker-looking eyelashes without the use of makeup.
  • Eye treatment protects delicate skin around eye from sun damage, and deeply moisturises to eliminate fine lines.
  • Located within a two-minute walk from Causeway Bay Exit C MTR station.

Redeemable until October 29th, 2017


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