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Groupon-%24298_for_4_Class_-_ALFA_and_Friends_Baby_Sensory_Integration_Playgroup_%28worth_%24800%29._2_Options_Available. for activities-and-classes,kids-and-children,local
alfa and friends
Flat/Rm 8, 9/F, Nan Fung Centre, 264-298 Castle Peak Road Tsuen Wan HK
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$298 for 4 Class - ALFA and Friends Baby Sensory Integration Playgroup (worth $800). 2 Options Available.
$298 for 4 Class - ALFA and Friends Baby Sensory Integration Playgroup (worth $800). 2 Options Available. is expired
Expired 09/05/2017
Deal Highlights

The deal

  • 4 Class - ALFA and Friends Baby Sensory Integration Playgroup (9-24 months) for $298 instead of $800
  • 4 Class - ALFA and Friends Kids Science Logic Training Course for $398 instead of $1400

About Alfa and Friends

Alfa and Friends is about a group of friends, the intelligent and smart Alfa, gracious and kind Piper, the naughty and mischevious Patch and naive and cute Ollie taking on questions of everyday life. Ever had that moment of wonder of how a bulb can be powered? How a tadpole magically transform into a totally different form of itself? Let Alfa and his awesome friends bring you on an adventure discovering the answers to this wonders!

Website: Alfa and Friends


  • Develop children’s thinking, language and imaginative skills
  • Creative and fun, learn effortlessly
  • Received multiple awards for its outstanding programme
  • Interactive learning

Redeemable until September 6th, 2017


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