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Metro Buffet and Grill 都會自助餐廳
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Groupon-From_%24238_Eaton%2C_Hong_Kong_-_Metro_Buffet_%26_Grill_%22A_Taste_of_New_Zealand%22_Dinner_Buffet_%28worth_up_to_%24528%29 for food-and-drink,buffet,seafood,lunch,local
Metro Buffet and Grill 都會自助餐廳
L/F, Eaton, Hong Kong, 380 Nathan Road, Jordan
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From $238 Eaton, Hong Kong - Metro Buffet & Grill "A Taste of New Zealand" Dinner Buffet (worth up to $528)
From $238 Eaton, Hong Kong - Metro Buffet & Grill
Expired 29/05/2017
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The Deal

A Taste of New Zealand Dinner Buffet

  • Mon to Thu
    • 1 Child for $238 (rrp. $368)
    • 1 Adult for $318 (rrp. $478)

  • Fri-Sun & PH & Eve of PH
    • 1 Child for $268 (rrp. $408)
    • 1 Adult for $348 (rrp. $528)

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Metro Buffet and Grill

Metro Buffet & Grill features a display kitchen where guests can see our Chefs in action. Signature items include oysters, mussels, sashimi, premium ice-cream, a wide selection of desserts and much more. Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are available as well as a la carte options in a contemporary setting and a relaxed atmosphere. You can also enjoy loose leafed teas and herbal tisanes along with draft beers, classic cocktails and carefully selected wines.

  • “A Taste of New Zealand” Dinner Buffet features the tender, juicy and natural flavour of New Zealand’s grass fed beef and lamb
  • Fresh seafood includes New Zealand oysters, snow crab legs, crayfish, poached sea prawns, mussels, mantis shrimps, sea whelks and more
  • Healthy salad includes roasted beetroot, orange and feta cheese salad with walnuts, mixed garden salad with strawberries and walnuts, assorted vegetable salad, classic Nicoise salad and DIY salad corner
  • Delicate desserts include chocolate fountain, crispy waffle, a selection of luscious Mövenpick ice cream with toppings of your choice

Redeemable until May 31st, 2017


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