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Groupon-Learn_with_Disney_%E2%94%80%E2%94%80_%24199_%E2%80%98Discover_the_Fun_of_Reading%E2%80%99_Box_Set%2C_%24487_w%2F_%E2%80%98Learn_From_The_Start%E2%80%99_Set_%28Valued_up_to_%242400%29 for fun-and-entertainment,books-and-magazines,local
DR-Max Ltd.
Unit B20/F, Roxy Industrial Centre, 41-49 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, HK
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Learn with Disney ── $199 ‘Discover the Fun of Reading’ Box Set, $487 w/ ‘Learn From The Start’ Set (Valued up to $2400)
Learn with Disney ── $199 ‘Discover the Fun of Reading’ Box Set, $487 w/ ‘Learn From The Start’ Set (Valued up to $2400) is expired
Expired 04/11/2013
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Traditional learning generally turns out to be too boring for children; let your youngsters enjoy the full fun of learning with today’s Groupon.


Today’s Groupon:


$199 Groupon redeems (rrp. $960):

Option 1: A Disney “Discover the Fun of Reading” Box Set (10 books + 10 CDs)


$487 Groupon redeems (rrp. $2400):

Option 2:

  • A Disney “Discover the Fun of Reading” Box Set (10 books + 10 CDs)
  • Three Disney English Learning Series 〈Lead from the Start〉 Sets (Stitch, The Lion King, Incredibles)


Disney “Discover the Fun of Reading” Box Set includes:

  • Ten Disney cartoon story books
  • Ten story CD with English pronunciation
  • Three posters
  • An animated colouring book

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Disney English Learning Series “Learn From The Start” Box Set

Each set includes:

  • A Disney folder
  • 40 worksheets in each folder
  • CD


* Different content for each of 3 sets


Eight Learning Themes

Reading Comprehension—— Strengthen comprehension skill with the accompaniment of Disney characters

Vocabulary Treasury —— Learn to use the same word in different contexts

Magical Dictionary —— Use life examples to explain the meaning of various vocabulary for easy understanding

Grammatical Skill —— Analyze grammatical structure and application

Creative Writing —— Stimulate reverse thinking for enhancing writing skill

Fun Listening ——Listen to the accurate English pronunciation with foreign accent

Correct Answers —— Provide answers to train up self-learning habits

Gas Station ——1:5 golden ratio learning method

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Dr-Max (Asia) Ltd.

DR-Max was founded in 2004, and has become one of the largest distributors of children's educational products, which aims to develop a child's maximum potential. Now the business has expanded across Asia, providing children with engaging educational products, including Disney Mail and Science Lab (produced in partnership Japan's Gakken Education Press).

Contact Number: 3427 8790
Business Hours: Mon to Fri 10am-1:30pm, 2:30pm-6:30pm; Sat 10am-2pm; Close on Sun & PH

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  • Illustrated with adorable Disney characters
  • Profound theories presented in simple language
  • “Learn From The Start” box set comes with worksheets to enhance learning
  • Comes with CDs to strengthen listening skills
  • Valid from 8 Nov 2013 to 21 Nov 2013
  • Call to book 2 days in advance for pick-up 
  • Present printed Groupon on arrival
  • Please see the rules which apply to all Groupon Goods Deals

Redeemable until November 21st, 2013


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